Jamon Iberico is one of Spain’s treasures. The thin slices of dark red ham have a deep, complex flavour and surprisingly mild saltiness. Once only available in Spain’s finest restaurants, you can now enjoy this incredible ham in your home.


What is Montanegra Iberico de Cebo?

Each ham is cured in the mountain air for over three years, experiencing the changing temperatures of the seasons. Under the watchful eye of the ham masters at Montanegra, the hams cure in special curing rooms with open windows to allow the mountain air circulate, and eventually lose over 40% of their weight as much of the fat melts away.


This is the type of Jamon Iberico most commonly served in Spain. It is made from the native cerdo iberico black pigs that are fed a diet of high-quality grain. Cured for 36 months by the masters at Ibericos Montanegra, the resulting jamon is dark ruby red, with streaks of white fat adding flavour and texture to the slices. Hams are generally classified by the amount of acorns eaten before slaughter.

Jamon Iberico (100g)