Montanegra Iberico Chorizo 100g sliced is produced from Iberico pigs in Extremadura. Montanegra Iberico Chorizo sliced is soft, sweet, smooth with balanced flavours.

Iberico charcuterie can only come from black pigs of the Iberian breed whose unique origin can be traced back to ancient times. This legendary and select race has many qualities, including a great capacity to accumulate fat under its skin and between the muscular fibres. The fat is what produces the typical white streaks that make its hams so special.


The main feature that distinguishes Iberico from the rest of charcuterie is the purity of the breed, allowed to freely move around the extensive wooded pastures called Dehesas. At least a hectare of healthy dehesa is needed to raise a single pig. All pigs are fed on a diet of grass and the best acorns from Holm and Cork Oak meadows to provide its distinctive aroma and exquisite taste.

Iberico Chorizo (100g)