Blog #4 - A Customers' perspective

By Mally & Lou, Oddington.

Friday 20th - All the talk is about COVID 19 understandably, everyone has their own views, issues and concerns. Yet here we are having a beer and chatting in the pub as we would do any other Friday. Sitting in the Horse & Groom, Upper Oddington complying with the guidance on tables 2 metres apart, getting served by the amazing staff at my table, is something I could get quite used too. (Note to self: Make sure this is on the suggestions list for Warren and Norman). The news that the pub will be closing indefinitely from tonight doesn’t really sink in and we wind our way home for tea.

Saturday 21st - The weather breaks and there is no rain, hurrah!!! TrimMeBush are out and working. Cutting grass for the first time this year, whilst maintaining the guidelines to keep our distance from customers, it is a pleasure to be out in the fresh air even if we don’t get the usual cup of tea and biscuits our lovely customers always provide. The morning flies and before we know it, we are sat in the courtyard of the Horse & Groom eagerly awaiting our volunteers briefing. Warren’s comprehensive explanation of the severity of the virus was a sobering experience, I was no longer in the mindset of how we could get through this but still be able to go to the pub, I now knew that going to the pub was endangering lives (Thank you Warren for the light bulb moment I required). Armed with the brief and Janet’s organisational skills we were all ready to do our bit. Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th - Adapting to self-isolation, working from home, socialising online whilst trying to remain sane took up most of the early part of the week. Resisting the urge to go and knock on a neighbour’s door to check they were OK was probably one of the hardest things we have all had to do. Thank god for Barney, taking him for a walk once a day at least allowed us to turn into ‘mad waving people’ whenever we passed someone at a safe distance, or saw them stood at a window. How many of us can say we did this prior to last Friday? Thursday 25th - We did so many things today but there is one thing that will live in my memory for the rest of my live. At 8pm me and Louise opened a window and began to clap. The sound of the people of Oddington clapping, echoed across the Cotswold countryside in support of our NHS and all those helping to support the victims of this virus and the vulnerable in lockdown. Well done everyone, I have to admit, I choked a little. Friday 27th - So here we are one week on, food run’s and prescription runs have been done, and we have made some new friends along the way, some who even live within shouting distance. The pub may have closed its doors to customer’s, but it has proved itself as the central hub of the community with its food deliveries, support for the vulnerable in the village, and daily updates. I will be returning to thank them as soon as they reopen. Stay in, Stay safe. PS - Warren and Norman please note all the Grandest Re-openings usually involve free drinks!!!

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